Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trans Siberian Orchestra

Dare I say that it's becoming a tradition in our family to go see Trans Siberian Orchestra for the holidays? This was only the 2nd year we've gone but I'd like to make it a tradition!

Sadly, these images were not taken with my Canon 40D. The rules were that your camera could not be professional, which meant it could not have a removable lens and flash was forbidden.  I took my Fujifilm s5000 and actually got some pretty good shots, especially for being 17 rows up in the bleachers!

 Enjoy ♥
Jeff Scott Soto, Vocals
Angus Clark, Guitar
Jeff Scott Soto, Vocals
My favorite

I took so many photos this is barely skimming the surface. 

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  1. GEEZE can u imagine if u had had ur nice camera!!!! These r great shots! U do awesome work!